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Hallman Fence Systems

Putting the shock in electric fences since 1936

Hallman Fence Systems has been designing and manufacturing electric fence controllers since 1936. This experience, along with our internal quality system, assures our customers that they get the finest products available.

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A complete line of AC and battery-powered electric fence chargers

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Hallman Fence Systems designs and manufactures one of the most complete lines of electric fence chargers available. All our AC-powered fence chargers are CSA certified. This means you get products that are reliable and safe.

 Electric fence controllers, chargers, energizers, shock controllers...

No matter what you want to call them, Hallman's electric fence controllers are safe, reliable, and designed to last. After all, we've been putting the 'shock' in electric fences for over 70 years!

If you need to keep animals in or pests and predators out, contact Hallman Fence Systems. Whether you require battery or AC-powered chargers, Hallman has a product to fit your specific need.